“When I came to you during a very bad period in my life you were able to cut to the quick, help me see clearly much of what I had trouble seeing objectively for myself.

“You are empathetic and are able to help others with grief/loss.

“Your suggestions have been helpful and right on the money.”

– Andrea , New York City

“You are a very strong advocate for what you believe in.  I know when I have your support it is strong and unwavering.

“You are organized not only in your life but in your mind.

“You are a great listener, without judgment. I know when I share something private, you will respect my privacy.”

– Charlene, Sea Cliff, New York

“You are a good listener.

“You know a lot about nutrition, organic vs. conventional.

“You are passionate about your clients.

“You are a living example of good health.”

– Carol, Port Jefferson, New York